May 17, 2009


Stinky's Tag

Stinky in its new home.

Stinky was going to be one of Encased in Concrete 88, but something went wrong. When I went to coat it in concrete I couldn't believe how bad it smelled. Something gooey must have ended up inside with the garbage. I wasn't sure if it would still smell after the concrete went on, so I used a different one for Encased in Concrete 88. Stinky now sits out in our orchard under the apple tree we planted when we first bought our property. So far Stinky is not stinky anymore!


  1. Odd how we humans kind of favor the ones that are unwanted. I now have a soft spot for Stinky (if he should start to smell that could change though!)

  2. aww, Stinky looks so happy and peacful