June 20, 2009

Character Counts

Concept drawing.

Character Counts Mosaic Mural
Agnes J. Johnson School Weott, CA
June 1999

June 18, 2009

One World Installation

Blank wall ready for mural.

First 2 panels up.

The students worked on the squares along the outside edges. Each younger student was paired with an older one to work as a teem. The interior design was done by me working on my living room floor (no studio space yet).
All 4 large panels up, and 4 smaller side panels in place, ready for the last of the tiling to be done.

World finished and last hand added.

Tiling finished ready for grouting.

June 17, 2009

One World

"One World"
mosaic mural at
Agnes J. Johnson School Weott, CA
February 1999

This was a joint project between me, Mr. and Mrs. Andersen's classes (kindergarten and 5th grade I believe at the time), husband Leo (help with installation), daughter Mara (help with the kids), son Justin (also help with installation), and daughter India (who was in Mr. Andersen's class)