May 30, 2009


The Hippo is gone...


  1. I wonder if someone saw it there and stole it or if the original artist came back for it?

    Or maybe your post about it inspired an art thief? I have to admit the thought it would look very good by my pond crossed my wicked mind.

  2. A friend of mine and local ceramics artist, the late Pat Berenstien, once made a clay dragon that had a crack or something in it so that she didn't want to put it in a gallery, yet she didn't want to destroy it either, which is what ceramicists do with there 2nds. It was colorful with a beautiful shiny glaze on it, about four feet long. She left it in the tall grass at the Arcata marsh.

  3. Let's hope he/she reappears. I recently was upset that a local spaceship disappeared--it's back. Actually it never left; I just missed it when driving by.