May 22, 2009

Hippo in the Woods?

I went on a road trip this last week with my husband. We were surprised to find this concrete hippo at a wooded rest stop near Confusion Hill.


  1. Just sitting out? In a state owned area? I have never seen this. I want to!

  2. It was hard not to put it in the truck and take it home. Also, much to our amazement it was still there three days later when we drove back through!

  3. I have a concrete alligator in my backyard. I was vacationing here in Southern Va. when my friends, as a joke, bought a really ugly bright green alligator for me. They lifted it into my car and I had to drive him to my house in Md. When we bought our place here, I brought him back--he sits near the dock.

    He's not as nice as the hippo.