October 02, 2008

Encased in Concrete 88

The last few days have been busy ones. I now have 6 pieces completely done including one of the very large pieces (34 inches at its widest). Also, I've been mosaicking, and now have 3 pieces ready to be grouted tomorrow. At this moment there are 65 pieces (plus the 6 that are done) that are in some state of the process, 18 bagged, 10 wrapped in wire, 31 partially concreted, 6 tiled. I'm also getting my publicity photos together and writing an artist statement for the Morris Graves Museum of Art. Tomorrow, I will try to publish photos of the 3 pieces that I'll have grouted.

#15 22x34" filled with non-recyclable garbage, wrapped in recycled poultry netting, and encased in concrete

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