September 15, 2008

Encased in Concrete 88

Today I work on several different aspects of my project. I mixed up a batch of concrete and applied it to 6 different pieces. It can take 4 -6 applications to cover one piece in concrete. I have to allow one side to harden before rolling it over to work on the next.

Working concrete into wire surface.

Next, I wrapped 4 more bags of garbage with wire.

Then, I started on the name tags for each of the 88 pieces. They are cutout of recycled 1/2 inch cooper pipe that I have cut into 1/2 inch pieces, and flattened with pliers. Each one will have my name, the number of the piece, and the year on it. So far I have all 88 cutout and flattened, with 26 of them numbered and ready to go.

Ex: M. Schill
1/88 08

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to work more on the concrete application, and set up my outside mosaicking area. A few of the pieces are so big that I can't get them into my studio, so I'm setting up a shaded area outside that I can work in.

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