July 21, 2009

Distraction Project

I became distracted by this piece of scrap wood in my studio today. I think it used to be a gate, maybe.

So, I painted it with black gesso.
I'm hoping working on this will get me started on the concrete work I'm wanting to do, but not doing.
Looking for inspiration.


  1. I so love your work!! I've been mosaic-ing found concrete objects but want to move to the next level. What kind of concrete mix do you use? I guess it's called ferro-cement because you use metal mesh to reinforce it. Thanks for having this wonderful blog!!

  2. I'm glad your enjoying the blog. I use a mix of 2 parts all purpose sand to 1 part cement with just enough water to bring it to a mudpie consistency. Then I work it into what ever the metal mesh is that I'm using on a project. Experiment! "Making Concrete Garden Ornaments" by Sherri Warner Hunter is a great book for ideas and mix information.